About Steve Johnson

Candidate for Ohio State Senate - 22nd District

With a Finance degree from Ohio State and over 30 years’ management experience at manufacturing companies, Steve is knowledgeable about health care, insurance, pensions, banking, budgets and business growth. He knows what it takes to be successful and will leverage that experience to help Ohio do the same.




Climate change is our biggest problem long term.  Short term it should be our biggest priority.  Steve is committed to protecting our environment rather than the profits of fossill fuel companies.


Steve appreciates that education was the key to his success and wants all of Ohio’s children to have the same opportunity. And he realizes their success will be the primary driver of Ohio’s economic development.  “The state will continue to lag the rest of the country on good jobs unless we quit shortchanging education.”    


Special interest money is polluting democracy.  Steve believes we need to replace lobbyist-loving politicians that pander to the wealthy, cater to corporations, and reward self-serving contributors.  Unlike legislators that have sold out, Steve is relying on grassroots support.


Steve and his wife Shannon, Director of the Ashland County Board of Elections, reside just outside the city of Ashland. They are committed to helping Ohio become a better place to live, to work, and to raise a family...for ALL Ohioans.